Corporate / Volume Gift Ordering Available!

Real Organic Blueberries Delivered Directly to Your Gift Recipients

Client Appreciation
Donor Thank You
Employee Recognition
Corporate Gifts

🐰 Easter - March 31st
💰 Tax Season - April 15th
💖 Mother's Day -May 12th

Available Springtime Only

2024 Corporate Orders are Open Now!

To order please fill out the form below and we will respond within 24 hours.

Discount Information

10 Boxes or More: Simple spreadsheet provided for you to enter recipient information and any gift message you would like for each recipient.

Any printed materials you provide (personal notes, business cards, brochures or similar) will be included in the boxes at no charge.

Volume Discounts: (Discounts are off the product price of $75 - shipping charges are not discounted)

20-49 Boxes - take 5% off
50-99 Boxes - take 8% off
100+ Boxes - take 10% off

We understand that corporate clients have specific needs and that you're counting on us to make your business look good.


The blueberries arrived this week, and they are truly incredible. My wife cannot stop raving about them.Thanks again so, so much.


I was sent a box of your blueberries, and I am speechless. Your blueberries are one of the most delicious foods I have ever eaten in my life. THANK YOU for showing us what food is supposed to taste like, which means how it is supposed to be farmed.

 Thank you again and I will be ordering many more.


OMG. What a gift. The first
thing I said to my husband was THIS is medicine. And it tastes SOOOO good.


I can’t tell you enough how those blueberries make me happy. I don’t know what that farmer puts in them…(magic, love, rainbows??) but they are easily one of the best gifts I get all year.



I just received the BLUEBerries you sent from King Grove Organic Farm. As a blueberry fanatic (especially local organic blueberries!), you could not have chosen a better gift – thank you.  I have contacted King Grove Organic Farm to find out how I can get more.